Manager's Special! 2013 Chevrolet Spark LS Auto Hatchback

Barry's Special Price: $7,490

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You Can Get a Great Vehicle and Still Have Money Left Over at Barry Automotive Group

We could get in some serious trouble for this, but you're worth it. But please keep this between us. Ok. We've got a collection of used vehicles on our lot. That's not the kicker, but this is-these vehicles should cost well over 20k. But, with gas prices, mortgages, food, and everything on the rise, we figured we'd cut you some slack. So, we're not going to raise the prices of these high-quality vehicles. We're going to lower them.

Money Saved

What's your first thought when you hear "bargain inventory?" You would probably equate each of the bargain vehicles to low-quality options. Heaps of scrap metal that we're going to pin off on the first clueless shopper. That's the only reason the prices are low, right? Wrong. We're not that type of dealership. We don't sell problematic vehicles with the hope of making a quick buck in return. We've served the Newport and Middleton, RI areas with good business and inventory since 1954. And that won't change at all.

Our trained mechanics ensure that every vehicle is fully operational and ready to perform on the road. And after that professional inspection, we'll equip each vehicle with a vehicle history report. You can double-check your vehicle's upkeep until you're satisfied with your purchase. You'll have a full Carfax report to guarantee you're not buying someone else's problems. We've got luxury brands like BMW and economic choices from Honda, Nissan, and more. You can browse our full inventory and find a low-price solution to your needs today.

Why Buy Bargain Inventory?

First Time Driver

There's many reasons why you'd want to purchase a less expensive vehicle in Middletown, RI. Maybe there is a first-time driver in your household. They're excited to purchase their first vehicle on their own and want to build their credit. We've got a large selection of vehicles that will give them freedom and independence as they prepare for a brighter future. If you're looking for a low-priced solution for your first-time driver, or someone going off to college, give our inventory a glance.


If a vehicle finds its way into our bargain inventory, it means that it has been tested. We have brands like Nissan, Toyota, Honda, and others that were built to last. These vehicles can operate as good as new, even after reaching 100k miles. And, it wouldn't be surprising to see one of our vehicles being driven around Newport, RI, with over 200k miles. With regular maintenance, there's no reason why your bargain vehicle can't.


If you need financing, we've got you covered. We work with customers on opposite ends of the credit spectrum. So, if you're apprehensive about the loan process, let us take those concerns away. We don't depend on lending institutions for financing. So, one way or the other, we can get you into the vehicle you want with no hesitations. You can get pre-approved online or stop by in person. Can help you get the keys to your bargain vehicle today.

Shop Barry Automotive Group

Now that we've told you what we have, we're sure the secret will get out soon. Before you know it, the rest of Newport, RI, will be in our lot, ready to get a bargain vehicle from Barry Automotive. You can browse our inventory and make your selection. But, keep in mind that our inventory changes constantly.

So, what you fall in love with today could be in someone else's driveway by tomorrow. Be sure to claim your bargain vehicle before someone else does. There's no better way to save on a vehicle than shopping in our Bargain inventory. We'll see you soon.