Come See Barry's Auto Group from Exeter to Buy Your Next Used Car


If you're in Exeter, RI and have been looking to upgrade from your current vehicle, or are a first-time car buyer who wants to find a quality option, and savings is your top priority as well as a robust selection of vehicles, we're here to help at Barry's Auto Group. We have a wide range of used cars, trucks and SUV options of many different brands available, and there's plenty of reasons why you should buy used for your next purchase.

To start, there's the savings. Everyone knows that if you buy a used vehicle, you're saving on the cost of buying new. But, there's levels to it. We have recent model year used cars which means low mileage, recent technology, features and amenities, so if you're driving in a vehicle that's dated with what's available to you, there's a chance to upgrade and get features like smartphone integration and touch display options, all while saving on costs. Additionally, if you're truly looking to maximize savings and cost-efficiency, we have options that are vehicles with plenty of road experience, but still pass the quality test to give savings to those who simply are looking for a reliable option at an affordable price.

Another reason to shop used is all the options in one place. We carry many different brands so you can try out different options and similar vehicles and see which one makes the most sense to you. Visitors from Exeter will find that we have an accommodating sales team as well as a finance team that looks to help you maximize any savings you could potentially have, as well. If you're ready to get started, contact us and we'd be happy to provide you with all the details as you make the short trip in from Exeter to see us here at Barry's Auto Group and we can get started today!

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