Find Your Next Used Car Option in Our Dealership Serving Narragansett


For Narragansett drivers, looking for the right vehicle and finding savings means turning your attention to used cars. Here at Barry's Auto Group, we have you covered and aren't far from Narragansett meaning we encourage you to come in and take a closer look at all we have to offer and see how a used car fits your needs. Whether you're looking to save, want an upgrade, or are a first-time car buyer, we have a wide selection of used vehicles and give you plenty of reasons to buy a used car from us.

We all know that when you buy a used car, you're getting savings and you can find that savings in all different ranges. We have recent model year options with modern features that are lightly used so if you've been looking to upgrade your current ride to something with stronger appeal, you can do that and save. We also have plenty of road experienced used cars which provide a higher level of savings and still have the quality to keep going as we have vehicles for everyone in Narragansett on nearly every budget. Not only that, but you get a wide range of brands, body types and more as you can search through our used cars, trucks and SUV lineup and find different ones to test drive to see what fits you best.

Our team will accommodate you from start to finish as our sales team helps you find the right vehicle, and when you do, our finance team provides you with many different ways to get a quality payment with a used car loan and standout rates from local and national lenders. To learn more, contact us and we'd he happy to provide you with all the details and get started finding your next used car in Narragansett soon!

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