Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I know if I can qualify for a loan to purchase a vehicle?

A: With our guaranteed credit approval program, every person is approved…Guaranteed!

Q: What if I am self employed?

A: Being self employed in most cases is a non issue, we can absolutely finance someone who is self employed

Q: What if I have a trade in?

A: All Trades no matter the age, condition and mileage are welcome.  Even if money is still owed on the trade, we will pay off the vehicle on your behalf!

Q:  What if I owe more money on my trade than what it is currently worth.

A: We work with the lenders on your behalf to overcome negative equity

Q: What if I have had a repossession or bankruptcy

A: Many of our customers have had repossessions and or bankruptcies in the past, our job is to reestablish a line of credit for you so you can start rebuilding your credit and get you driving today.

Q: What is my interest rate?

A: All interest rates are determined by the lender.  In Rhode Island the maximum interest rate given is 18%.  We of course always establish credit with the lender that will give the lowest interest rate for any given instance.

Q: What if I am disabled or on Social security?

A: Being on disability or on SSI does not hinder your ability to obtain financing.  We have many lenders that will accept this as a valid form of income.

Q: How much income is required to obtain financing?

A: The usual minimum income is $800 per month but this does vary from lender to lender.

Q: Do you report to the major credit reporting agencies

A: Yes, all of our lenders are 100% credit complaint and report payment history monthly.

Q:  What if I am a first time buyer?

A: We have many programs that work great for first time buyers that will get you driving today and assist you in establishing credit for the future.

Q: Do you purchase vehicles without having to purchase a vehicle from Barry's auto group?

A: Yes, we buy cars!!

Q: Do you offer a consignment program

A: Yes, we have a consignment program for all customers

Q: Are vehicle history report provided

A:  YES. All of our vehicles come with an Autocheck vehicle history report and it's free of charge!

Q: How much down payment is required to obtain financing?

A:  In many cases you can obtain financing with no money down, however this is dependent upon vehicle selected and credit history

Q: How much will my monthly payment be?

A: Your monthly payment is determined by several different factors including the vehicle selected, down payment, interest rate and the length of the term for the loan.  You can find our payment calculator on our website at www.barrymotors.com

Q: Where do you obtain your vehicles from?

A: Our vehicles are hand selected through a wide variety of sources.  A portion of our vehicles are purchased from lease companies such as Mercedes Benz Financial, Nissan Infiniti Lease Trust, Honda Finance, GMAC, Ally Financial and more!  As one of the largest purchasers of used vehicles in the Northeast with unlimited purchasing ability, many new car dealers use Barry's Auto Group to source their non-brand trade in vehicles.  This is where we are able to source many of our one owner dealer maintained vehicles.  Also, we may find vehicles from other dealers, direct purchase from individuals, or off rental or corporate fleet.

Q: What other fees can I expect?

A: The other fees include taxes, title and registration and documentation charges.  Rhode Island collects 7% of the sales price of the vehicle from all customers.  The cost to title a vehicle is $20. If you live out of state, we will submit the tax documents to the Department of Revenue and provide you with proof of taxes paid.  You will responsible for any additional taxes (over the 7%) in the state you reside.   The cost to register your vehicle is $125.

Q:  How much is your standard documentation fee and what does it cover?

A: The state of Rhode Island's regulated fee is $200.  This is non-negotiable and every customer is required to pay it.  It includes, but is not limited to, In House Notary Fees, Providing In House Alternative Payment Methods and Various Financing Options, Next Day Mailing for Payoffs, Mailing of Transfer Registrations, Autocheck Vehicle History Report Provided for Every Vehicle, Assisting Customer in Notifying Their Insurance Company of the New Vehicle Purchase and Obtaining Courtesy Stamps of Original Insurance Stamps as Required by the State of Rhode Island, Fuel for Test Drives, Storing Hard Copies of Archived Files, Compliance, Patriot Act and Privacy Act, Dealer Plates for Test Drives and Insurance for Test Drives without Sales Person, Computer and Internet Security,  Verifying Customer Identity and Fraud Protection, Disposition of Trades, Administering Extended Warranties, Lojack, Gap Insurance, Tire and Wheel Protection.

Q:  Do you accept credit cards for vehicle purchases?
A: We will accept up to $2,000(in total) on a credit card toward a vehicle purchase.

Q:  What is your standard warranty on used vehicles? 

A: The state of Rhode Island requires a 30 day, 1,000 mile standard warranty but Barry's Auto Group goes above and beyond and each of our vehicles, depending on mileage, will come with a 90 day 3,000 mile standard warranty.  It covers the following items: 

Engine System: all lubricated parts, manifolds, engine block, cylinder heads, fuel pump, water pump, radiator, and flywheel Transmission: Transmission Case and all internal parts and torque converter.  Manual clutch assembly parts are not covered Drive Axle System (Front and Rear): Drive axle housings and all internal parts contained within the drive axle housing (front and rear), axle shafts, propeller shafts, and constant velocity or universal joints. Brake System: Master Cylinder, vacuum assist booster, wheel cylinders, hydraulic line and fittings, disk brake calipers. Electrical System: alternator, generator, starter and ignition system (excluding battery). Steering System: the steering gear housing and all internal parts, power steering pump, valve body, piston and rack

Q:  Do you offer extended coverage?

A: We do offer a fleet of extended coverage options including vehicle service contracts, gap insurance, paint and fabric protectors, wheel protection, key replacement, and windshield repair.


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