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Is your vehicle in need of maintenance? Routine maintenance services and wear-related repairs are essential for helping your car run smoothly. When your vehicle needs care near Portsmouth, RI, trust the service technicians here at Barry Automotive Group. Our service center has a trained team of experts who are certified to complete minor to major maintenance services.

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At our service center near Middletown, RI, our technicians understand how important it is to keep a well-maintained vehicle, which is why we proudly offer a variety of maintenance services. In addition, our online inventory provides our customers with access to a plethora of OEM parts. Using our service center will ensure that your car's parts are installed correctly and in a timely manner. A few maintenance services offered at our service center include

  • Tire rotations
  • Oil changes
  • Brake repairs
  • Suspension repairs
  • Battery tests

If you're not sure what's wrong with your vehicle, our friendly service technicians are happy to answer your questions and can recommend maintenance services that your vehicle may need to perform on the streets of North Kingstown, RI. The technicians at our service center make customer satisfaction a top priority, so why would you use any other service center for your maintenance needs?

Tire Rotations

Why Routine Tire Maintenance Is So Important for Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is only as good as its tires. That's because your tires remain in constant contact with the roads in and around Newport, RI. Which is why it is essential to take care of your tires. Here are some ways you can ensure that your tires will stay in top condition and keep your vehicle running smoothly wherever you are in Portsmouth, RI.

Check Your Tires

The first thing that you need to do is have your tires inspected near Fall River, MA. You can perform a visual inspection of your tires. First, check to see how worn your tire tread is. You can perform the famous Lincoln penny test. Insert a penny headfirst and facing you into the tire tread. If you can see Lincoln's head after inserting it into the tire tread, then your tires may be too worn down. At that point, you need to have your tires replaced. Driving a vehicle with worn tires can lead to poor quality handling and braking.

Rotate Tires Appropriately

If your tires are in good shape, then you will want to take some steps to ensure the long life of those tires. It is highly recommended that you take your tires to a service department to have them rotated. Tire rotation will ensure that the tread on the tires will wear down equally and allow you to extend the life of those tires.

Balance Your Tires Occasionally

In addition to tire rotation, you will want to have your tires balanced every once in a while. With this service, a tire technician will ensure that your tread has full contact with the North Kingstown, RI. This will ensure better ride quality and also allow the tire to wear down more naturally.

Proper Tire Inflation for Optimal Fuel Efficency

Finally, you will want to check to see if your tires are properly inflated. Most newer vehicles have a tire pressure monitor that can alert you if you have low tire pressure. If you don't have a tire pressure monitor, then check the air levels on your tires every time you put gas into your vehicle in Middletown, RI.

Stop by Our Service Center for Your Tire Needs Today

Visit us today at Barry's Automotive Group near Fall River, MA to have your tires inspected for quality tire balancing, tire rotation or other tire services. Our team of tire techs can even help you upgrade your tires which can greatly improve your ride and driving quality. We are looking forward to serving you.

Brake Repair

Maintain Your Brakes with Us at Barry's Automotive Group

Maintaining the brake system in your car is important so that you can safely come to a stop on the road in Newport, RI. Some of the issues that could result in not being able to stop when needed include worn rotors or brake pads or a leak from the brake line.

Signs of Wear on Your Brakes

Pressing heavily on the brake pad can sometimes wear the system out prematurely, which means that you need to pay careful attention to how fast it takes to get stopped. When you take your car to Barry's Automotive Group near Portsmouth, RI for routine maintenance, someone can examine your brakes to see if there are any issues that need to be addressed so that you and your family are safe in your car.

One of the first signs that your brakes might need to be examined is squealing when you depress the pedal. If you notice any grinding sounds when you drive around Fall River, MA, then this could be an indication that the brake pads have worn down and that the rotors are damaged as well.

Another sign that could indicate that something is wrong with your brake system is a vibration in your steering wheel when you brake in North Kingstown, RI. You'll usually notice this if rotors are worn or if there is abnormal wear on one side of your car compared to the other.

If you notice that you need to press your brake pedal down more than you usually do, then it could be a sign that your brake pads have been depleted or that there is little brake fluid present. This is an important warning sign to address as you won't know if you're going to have brakes or not after depressing the pedal repeated times and the pedal going farther down each time.

Schedule Brake Maintenance with Barry's Automotive Group

A technician in Middletown, RI can check the brake lines in your car and other important components to ensure that you can safely come to a stop when you're traveling. Schedule a service with us today and we'll get your car back on the streets in no time!

Oil Change

Get Your Next Oil Change at Our Service Center

Keeping your car in good condition is best achieved with routine maintenance services. Oil changes are an important service that helps lessen wear and friction on your engine's components. It also offers lubrication and creates a seal between the cylinder walls, rings, and pistons.

If you fail to have your oil changed, it can lead to a wide range of problems. The engine parts can start to wear down and your engine could run hot, which could eventually lead to costly repairs.

When to Change Your Oil?

How often should you have your oil changed? It's best to check your manufacturer's recommendations, and you can also ask one of our service technicians. Staying up-to-date on oil changes helps your vehicle run more efficiently as you drive around Portsmouth, RI.

Routine Oil Changes at Barry Automotive Group

Although many places in Fall River, MA offer oil changes, it's beneficial to have your oil changed at a dealership's service center. Having your oil changed at our dealership allows our trained technicians to provide you with a comprehensive checkup to ensure that your car functions at optimal levels.

Our service center near North Kingstown, RI is a top choice for drivers in Newport, RI and uses manufacturer-recommended motor oil and OEM components. We also offer specials for oil changes and other maintenance services.

Schedule an Oil Change at Our Service Center

When it's time for your next oil change, we invite you to schedule an appointment at our service center in Middletown, RI to ensure that your car gets fresh motor oil as soon as possible. Our service technicians will make certain that you get quick service.

You can stop by to book an appointment or schedule one online or by phone. While you're getting your oil changed, our skilled service technicians can also check your battery and perform a tire inspection.

RI State Inspections

For Your Rhode Island State Inspection Needs, Come to the Service Center at Barry Automotive Group

Are you currently looking for a service center near Portsmouth, RI to handle your Rhode Island state inspection? It seems like everyone is on the hunt for someone who can perform their state inspection thoroughly, but also efficiently enough to get them back on the road as quickly as possible. When you need a service team that is going to make sure your vehicle is safe for the road, but also be mindful of your time, come to the service center at Barry Automotive Group, located at 166 JT Connell Highway in Newport, RI. We've got your state inspection needs, as well as any other car service, or auto repair, covered.

The Reasons to Choose Barry Automotive Group

There are lots of places you can go around North Kingstown, RI to get your Rhode Island state inspection, but Barry Automotive Group goes the extra mile to prove that we are the right choice for that need. In our service center, there are many highly skilled, experienced service technicians who you can be sure will provide you with a quality and efficient repair if one is needed during your inspection. The service center also has access to genuine, authentic original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts and accessories, so you can be assured that your vehicle will be getting the best of care and that its continued high performance is important to us. We are dedicated to providing all our Middletown, RI customers with the best customer service experience possible during the process.

We Have a Vast Array of Services

Whether you need a Rhode Island state inspection or not, our service center has an extensive menu of car services and auto repairs. Fall River, MA drivers may be happy to hear that our service technicians can work on all brands and models. There are always many service coupons to get folks discounts on some of the most common maintenance items, including state inspections, oil changes, tire rotations, brake services, and engine light scans. These specials change often, so if your current need is not listed, just check back in a bit.

Schedule Your Inspection

Barry Automotive Group, in Newport, RI, knows that scheduling during business hours can be tough for many customers, which is why we have an online scheduling tool. Schedule your state inspection with us today from the comfort of your own home and get your state inspection, and any other service or repairs, taken care of today by a talented group of technicians.

Schedule a State Inspection

Schedule Auto Maintenance at Our Service Center in Rhode Island

Our service team welcomes the opportunity to help you keep your car in optimal condition. You can rest assured knowing that our service technicians have access to state-of-the-art equipment. We invite you to contact us by phone or online to schedule an appointment and feel free to inquire about our service specials. From wear-related repairs to routine maintenance services, the skilled technicians at our service center are standing by to serve Fall River, MA drivers.

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